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As a private international M&A boutique, we provide specialised and independent Corporate Finance services to private companies, family-owned businesses, Private Equity institutions, from the deal design and structuring until the deal closing.


Accent Capital focuses on cross-border midcap mergers, acquisitions, and disposals transactions, providing full professionalised advisory across the whole process, whether for corporations, family businesses or financial investors.

Our services include:

   Sell-side M&A advisory: execution of sell-side mandates, including the search for domestic and international strategic buyers.

   Buy-side M&A advisory: definition and execution of acquisitions strategy, across different sectors and/or geographical markets.

   Advisory on strategic mergers and joint ventures.

   Advisory on specialty Private Equity transactions such as MBO, LBO and MBI.

   Divestments from non-strategic activities and subsidiaries.


We provide strategic advisory on:

   Growth capital: helping your business reach its full potential by raising the required                    funds from suitable and trusted financial partners sharing your business vision and                    committed to your success.

   Debt advisory: we can assist you in designing strategies to fund new initiatives without                compromising on the share capital ownership of your company.


Our services include:

   Independent valuations of companies and business units.

   Corporate strategy appraisal, business development and business plan validation.

   Advisory on strategic alliances, helping with design and implementation.

   Strategic advisory on international expansion.


Beyond providing traditional M&A strategic advisory services, Accent Capital positions itself as well as a House Bank for certain clients.

Originally aimed at ambitious growth projects, house banking allows us to service our clients across the full spectrum of their M&A needs and growth strategies. As such, we develop a very solid relationship with our clients based on exclusive trust.

We challenge our clients’ strategies and assist them in defining and executing their acquisition strategies, often after a first round of capital ownership restructuring.


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